Great Way to Start Your Day

It happens all the time. You are sleeping. Then you are awakened in the middle of the night with crazy thoughts.

Did I mail that check?

Did I lock the front door?

Did I ever let the dogs back in or are they still outside?

I do it all the time. Awakened by crazy random thoughts.



“Cause me to hear your loving kindness in the morning, For in You I do trust…”


This verse makes me smile to think God wants us to hear HIS loving kindness each morning. One translation says “awaken me with your goodness.” In other words, God wants you to wake up each day with a hopeful expectation of what is ahead for the day. He wants you to wake up not thinking weird panic driven thoughts about what the day will hold.


The verse says: “Cause me to HEAR….” Let’s put it this way. When someone tells you about a cake and how tasty it is, you get excited. But not having tried it you don’t know for sure how good the cake is. God wants you to experience first hand His love, kindness & grace. I enjoy hearing about how other people have experienced God’s love, but I want an experience of my own! I want to have an encounter with God of my own! I want my ears to hear what He wants to say! I want my life to be impacted by His goodness.


God wants us to hear His voice everyday!

The Word here says CAUSE me to hear. Let me ask you a question. What or who are you listening to that is keeping you from hearing God’s voice. So often we listen to voices of worry, doubt & negativity. Voices that tell us that our miracle isn’t going to happen:

-You will never get a better job.

-You could never overcome this addiction.


Choose today to hear God’s voice that is telling you, “You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.

God will supply for all my needs according to HIS riches and glory.”


Today, let’s begin to let God cause us to hear His loving kindness!