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Return Policy

Before I make a purchase, I like to be familiar with the store’s return policy. I enjoy the confidence of knowing that just in case something goes wrong I have the option to return or exchange my purchase. One of the worst things a sales person can tell me is: “This item is final sale. No returns or exchanges.”

In 2nd Kings Chapter 4 there is a story about a woman who believed God for a baby. When the prophet Elisha visits, she honors him, and in this he prophecies over her that she will have a child. The woman does gives birth to a boy and the years go by. The Bible tells us that one day the boy was working in the field and he fell ill. He died that day. But the mother carried her boy to the prophet’s guest bed and laid him there. When she came downstairs and her husband asked if all was well, she replied “It is well.”

Here’s the thing: This woman knew that God had a PERFET return policy. She knew that her child’s life began with a prophecy and it could begin again with a prophecy. She didn’t bother taking her child anywhere other than the original source of his life.

Where are you taking your problems?

In reading we find out that Elisha arrived the woman’s house and the boy came back from the dead. What should have been permanent, was reversed.

I want to let you know today that God has an incredible return policy. Give it all to Him and everything will be just fine. So many times we take our problems to our friends, our co-workers, or anyone who will listen before we take it to God. Have you ever heard the saying, “the only thing we have left to do is pray.” Goodness! That should be the first thing we do!

When we return our problems to God we are putting our full reliance upon HIM to make everything work together for our good.

This week, decide to do one thing: give God all of your worries, doubts, difficulties, and problems. I can guarantee that when you do, God will breathe His life into it all.

-Pastor Crystal Sparks


The Challenge

For those of you that are on Facebook, you probably know that this social media page seems to swing from one fad to the next. Someone will post something, it will go viral, and everyone follows suit.

If you are a Facebook user, you may or may not have noticed the current fad. It seems that we are in a season of challenging one another. Recently people were challenging one another to “the cold water challenge.” This challenge involves a body of cold water and the person who was challenged jumping into the before mentioned cold water. I’m not sure what the point to this is. Quite honestly, I don’t think there is one. Now, as the weather seems to be warming, there is another challenge that is taking the place of the cold water challenge. Frankly, this is one that I embrace gladly! The new challenge sweeping Facebook is “the scripture challenge.” This challenge works in a similar fashion to the cold water challenge but without any of the pain of jumping into freezing cold water, and with much greater results. Here’s what you do: First, you must post your favorite scripture and the reason you love it. Then in your post, challenge some of your friends to post their favorite scripture and the reason they love it.

I love the scripture challenge! Now, the usual complaining, selfies, and teenage romance that are normally plastered all over my news feed have been replaced with people’s favorite scripture and the reason they love it. With all that being said…. I have been challenged and here is my answer.

It’s hard to narrow down all the scripture you love to just one. Depending on what season of life you are presently in often depends on what scripture you need and hold most dear. After all, the word of God brings healing, salvation, love, grace, acceptance, and the list goes on and on. But as I thought, one particular scripture stood out as a life verse:

2 Timothy 2:8-9  Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead according to my gospel, for which I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even to the point of chains; but the word of God is not chained.”

Here, the apostle Paul is writing to Timothy, one of his “sons” in the faith. Paul is sitting in a prison and begins to talk about the hard times he has faced and about the real chains he’s currently in. Then he finishes the sentence with, “but the word of God is not chained.”

This scripture stands out to me because it reminds me that even though you face difficult seasons and hard times, you must always remind yourself that the word of God is greater than your current circumstance. No matter what you are currently going through, the word of God is the answer. When you need healing, there is scripture for that. When you need love, there’s scripture for that! When you’ve messed up and made mistake after mistake and you need grace, guess what! There is a scripture for that!

Stop looking at the chain and start looking at the word of God! Your circumstance will change, this season will pass, but the word of God will not!

Since I was challenged, I’ll challenge you! Spend some time thinking about your favorite scripture and why it’s your favorite. Then post it on you bathroom mirror, the dash of your car, and on Facebook! Challenge your friends to do the same! Let’s take this opportunity to remind ourselves that the word of God cannot be chained! And let’s make JESUS famous in the process!

-Pastor Bryan Sparks