Mission Trip of Life

We had our first cold morning here in Texas the other day.  The kids bundled up to go out and ride bikes.  They layered up with coats, gloves, hats and more.  They went out for a while and then came back in.   I was busy cleaning house and tending to the mountain of laundry that was threatening to take over our house if I didn’t do something.  I could hear them running around the house trying to find me.

Breathing hard & peeking their heads into the laundry room door with red, cold noses, they all declared, “WE HAVE AN IDEA!”  We live in a newly developing subdivision so there are construction workers everywhere, every day – even on Saturdays. The kids continued, “We want to bring them hot chocolate.  We don’t know Spanish though.  Can you teach us how to ask them if they want hot chocolate?”

Of course, I was happy to help.

I worked with them to learn a sentence in Spanish (High School Spanish class paid off in this moment) while I prepped their mobile hot chocolate bar to take around the community.  They ran out the door excited for their mission to take warm drinks to these cold workers.

My heart was so full as I went about cleaning house.  I never told them to do something nice.  They just wanted to!  And they weren’t willing to let a language barrier or inconvenience keep them from doing it.

So many times I think we as Christians think that a “Mission Trip” is when we go to Africa or India.  We think it is a trip that we make once a year or, for some, once in a lifetime.

Might I pose I question as food for thought: What if your whole life became a mission trip?

What if every day you went through your day looking for ways that you could be a bearer of hope and a dispenser of joy?  Your mission field is right out your front door.  They are waiting for someone …YOU… to go and show them the love of Jesus.