Church is not a Building it is People

A family in our church was telling their kids about The Church’s move to our new location and service times. Their 6 year old little girl then told them, “I don’t want a new church!”
Her parents asked, “Why?”
“Because I like The Church RC.”
Her parents then assured her that it is still going to be The Church RC.
She asked, “With the same people?”
“Will the name be the same?”
To which she exclaimed, “I love our new church!”

This story brought a smile to my face! God has done great things through our church, not because of a building but because of a people. The people are what makes our church so special. It is God’s presence in each service that changes lives. Even though we are sad to leave the school because we only began there just a few months ago, we are excited to see what new things God is going to do in our new location!

Join us this Sunday, March 1st at 11 as we have our last service at Fort Elementary before moving to our new location! We are excited to go into this new building knowing that the same God is for us and the same people are with us! What a great new season this is going to be on March 8th as we begin services at Occasions at Stone River at 9:30 & 11.

Bryan & Crystal Sparks


Second Chances

Every gym goer’s worst nightmare is January.  For many people January is the month of New Year’s resolutions. For me, January is the month I can be guaranteed I won’t find a treadmill at the gym and that I’ll spend more time circling the parking lot than I will inside.

That’s why my favorite time at the gym is February 1st.  By this time, the regulars are once again the only ones left, and everyone who planned on making a change for the new year is gone. Once February hits, most of the people who had decided to make this year different have returned to their old routines. And if they do return to crowd the gym again, it won’t be until next January.

How many times do we set goals for ourselves, fall short, and then quit? It’s a human cycle. We give up on ourselves when we fall short of our own expectations. And because it’s our nature, it’s easy to think that God is the same way. But in the scripture we read in various scenarios that “the Lord spoke to them a second time.”

God wasn’t intimidated by their failure, and He’s not intimidated by yours. So many times we think that God has given up on us, so we in turn give up on ourselves.  But God didn’t decide to do life with you because He thought you would be perfect. He chose you because His grace is bigger than any failure you will ever experience. He is the God of second, third, and one-hundredth chances. There is nothing you could do that would make him stop loving or believing in you.

What if this year you realized that God hasn’t quit on you, and He never will? It’s never too late to get back up, dust yourself off, and keep pressing forward!


John 11 tells a story about two sisters and their brother, Lazarus, who was ill. The Bible tells us the sisters sent word to Jesus saying, “Lazarus, the one who you love is sick.”
We looked at this passage in Community Groups this week, and it reminds me how easy it is to see God’s love for others but overlook His love for ourselves.
The sisters of Lazarus were the ones who sent word to Jesus. They believed in how much Jesus loved their brother. So why didn’t Lazarus send word himself?
If you are like me, you can identify with this. When I am going through a rough time, it is so hard to muster up the strength to pray for myself. It’s the same prayers I pray so easily for everyone else, but for myself I am left searching for words to even form a sentence. Isn’t it easier to know you are loved when things are going good? But so often when tough times come, we forget just how much Jesus cares for us.
This passage encourages me that even when Lazarus forgot he was loved, the people around him didn’t forget and they sent word to Jesus. If it wasn’t for them, Lazarus would have remained in his grave! See how important it is for us to be continually surrounded by people who will remind us who we are in Christ?
My hope is that as you go through your week, you will see and realize the love God has for you. You are the one He loves.

-Crystal Sparks