Seasons Change

It was all huge.  The hallways seemed to go on forever, and the lockers were so tall that even standing on my tiptoes I couldn’t put my backpack on the hook.  Sitting at the lunch table with my feet dangling, I looked around at this new school thinking, “This is the biggest school ever made!”

Years went by, and now my kids were getting ready to start school.  It had been nearly 20 years since I walked those hallways.  Just driving in the parking lot my heart was flooded with so many fond memories from my childhood.  I walked in and I was amazed at how small the lockers were! The tables didn’t even come to knee height on me now that I was grown. Everything seemed like it was made for small people…I mean children.

Looking around I saw one of my old teachers.  “The school isn’t as big as it used to be, is it?” I commented while still looking around.

To which she replied, “The school hasn’t changed in size; it is just that you changed.”

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Walking those halls that day I realized how big everything had stayed in my heart through the years, despite the fact of how big I had become. There is no way I could go back and do life at those tables or in those hallways again.  I had outgrown them.  They were good for the season I was in, but that season was over.

In life, we have relationships that come to us. At the time it seems like there is no way we could have a better, deeper relationship than that one, and yet over time some of us grow while others remain the same.   There have been friends that have come into my life and in that season of time I couldn’t imagine doing life without them. It seemed like the relationship we had was so big that there could not be another one like it.  Then time goes on.  Things change.  Most of all, we changed along the way.  So now when you see each other, you remember the good memories that were had.  You hug each other and comment how good it was to see one another. Only to get in your cars to go live separate lives once more.

I will always remember the memories I’ve shared in friendships over the years.  Long conversations had over cups of endless coffee.  Times we dreamed together and laughed together.  In the end, somethings don’t go on forever.  Times change, things change, and I changed.

We will never embrace all the new God has for us if we are always living our life remembering all we once had.  It is a new season.  A new time.  Stop reliving old memories.  If you had that friendship back or that time back, it would be too small for you anyway.  Decide you are moving on to the bigger things God has ahead!