Under Construction!

We’ve all seen the sign in our morning commute or perhaps on the way to that important meeting: “Construction next 10 miles.” With all the expansion in the Dallas area, it seems that it’s becoming more and more common these days. The truth is, construction is annoying! But as annoying and inconvenient as construction is to all of us, we understand that construction is a necessary part of life. The fact that construction is taking place indicates that growth is taking place. Change is happening.  Change and growth are a good thing right?

 A few days ago, I was having my patience tested by a construction site on my commute to wherever I was headed that day. The normal stop and go traffic, hassle, and inconvenience of it all was wearing on my last nerve. It was in that moment I began to realize that we should all relate to the process of construction. In fact, we are all under construction! We are all changing on a regular basis. My wife swears she’s married to a different man every 5 years. The things that used to drive me crazy don’t even bother me anymore. I don’t care how perfect you may think you are, the hard reality of it all is, you aren’t perfect! In fact, if you are anything like me, you are far from perfect!

We all have things about ourselves we would like to change. I’m not talking about wanting to change your weight or grow more hair! I’m talking about the things in your character that you hate about yourself: the anger, the gossiping, the lying, the lust. You know – the things you don’t want anyone to ever, ever know about. We all have something. Yours may be different than mine or someone else’s, but there is something you know that is jacked up in your life!

I have some good news for you. The fact that you know there’s something that needs work; the fact that the thing that needs to be fixed in your life immediately came to mind as you read this should give you hope that it’s on it’s way out. It may take longer than you think it should, but God is in the process of fixing the thing you know needs to be fixed!

So many Christians live their entire life striving for perfection. If you are striving for perfection, I have good news for you…. Perfect isn’t the goal. If perfect was the goal we would all fail! You would be out before you even started!  The goal isn’t perfection; the goal is to surrender to God’s process.

I love what Paul says in Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;”

Essentially what Paul is saying is, “Jesus, who began the work in you, will finish the work in you!” I don’t know about any of you, but for me that’s good news! The weight comes off when I realize that perfection isn’t in me, but perfection is in Him.

So, if Jesus started it and He’s going to finish it, where do you fit in? Really the only thing you have to do is be willing to go through the process. Unfortunately that’s where the mess comes in. Process is one of the hardest and messiest things anyone can go through. It’s often difficult, extremely uncomfortable, and very inconvenient. Like real construction, life construction can be messy. But, I can tell you this, it is always worth it.

Rest in the fact that as long as you’re surrendered to the process, God is going to get you through the process.

-Pastor Bryan Sparks