Day 17: Prayer is Powerful

READ: Psalm 17

When my family first moved to Royse City, we moved into a brand new home. I had never lived in a new house, but I quickly learned that one huge benefit was the warranty on everything! If there was something wrong with the house or with an appliance, all I had to do was call the maker of the house! The same is true with my iphone, if I ever have a problem with it, the first thing I do is visit an Apple store. If something is broken, my first call or visit for assistance, is going to be to the manufacturer. If anyone can fix it, it’s going to be the one that made it, right!? Well, why wouldn’t we treat God the same way?

He created you, so if something’s wrong, He should be the first one you turn to.

One thing that you see in the Psalms is that is that in every season, prayer was a centerpiece, regardless of whether life was good or life was bad. In the time that I have been a Pastor, I have learned that Christians don’t pray enough, sometimes they don’t pray at all. Why is prayer treated like a last minute resort instead of a first option? I think one reason is that we overcomplicate prayer. We think if it doesn’t have at least one “thine” or “thou” in there, it might not be heard. Or maybe you feel like God is too busy for you. He’s not; He’s listening and He cares. Perhaps we think we aren’t worthy to ask God for anything. I’m sure there are more reasons, but it doesn’t matter what reason you come up with, it’s wrong! Prayer is a conversation with a God who loved you so much that He paid the ultimate price to restore relationship with you. It’s a conversation with the one that created you. If something’s wrong He should be the first one you go to. If anyone can fix it and make it right, He can! Stop treating prayer like a spare tire and start treating it like the steering wheel for your life.



Take a few minutes just to just talk to God about what’s on your heart.

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