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Holy Spirit Study

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This group is going to be focused on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the spirit! I believe that God made us to be supernatural. In that He has given each of us different gifts. Each gathering I will have a practical teaching for you and then there will be exercises for you to be able to apply what you have learned. During this six week session you will learn about: Prophetic Ministry-What is it and how can you begin to operate in this gift. Hearing the Voice of God- Practical ways that has helped so many people hear God in a real practical way. Understanding Scripture-Knowing what books of the Bible to read and understanding what was the purpose behind each one. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit-This is reflected in Acts 2. I believe this is available to ALL believers! I want to help you receive your prayer language Interpreting Dreams-So many times in the Bible it talks about God giving people dreams. You may be surprised at how God is talking to you in dreams and you don't even realize it! Intercession-Why we do it. How we do it. What it impacts. -This group is full-

Led by: Crystal Sparks For Ages: 21+ Meets: Every Sunday from 5:00pm-6:00pm
Childcare Available? No Category: Group Type: Adult
Location: - Royse City Status: Closed

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