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Hide & Seek

“Hide and go seek” is one of the most basic of children’s games. I don’t remember ever teaching my children the rules of the game; they just seem to know. It is almost as though every child is born with an innate desire to find people that are hidden in obscure locations. It is funny to watch the joy that comes over the child who is “IT” as they are looking and find their friends all around the house.

I love the passage in John 20:15. After Jesus’ death and burial, He finds Mary crying in the garden. She had just discovered that His body was missing from the tomb. He then asked Mary, “For whom are you looking, Mary?”
I love this because Jesus didn’t ask her WHAT she was looking for that led to her sadness. He asked her WHO she was looking for that led to her sadness.

Might I suggest that the sadness we experience isn’t because we don’t have the WHAT that we are desiring — the job, house, car, boyfriend etc. Rather the sadness we are experiencing in our lives often comes from the WHO that is missing in our life.