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Hide & Seek

“Hide and go seek” is one of the most basic of children’s games. I don’t remember ever teaching my children the rules of the game; they just seem to know. It is almost as though every child is born with an innate desire to find people that are hidden in obscure locations. It is funny to watch the joy that comes over the child who is “IT” as they are looking and find their friends all around the house.

I love the passage in John 20:15. After Jesus’ death and burial, He finds Mary crying in the garden. She had just discovered that His body was missing from the tomb. He then asked Mary, “For whom are you looking, Mary?”
I love this because Jesus didn’t ask her WHAT she was looking for that led to her sadness. He asked her WHO she was looking for that led to her sadness.

Might I suggest that the sadness we experience isn’t because we don’t have the WHAT that we are desiring — the job, house, car, boyfriend etc. Rather the sadness we are experiencing in our lives often comes from the WHO that is missing in our life.


60 reasons why you SHOULD come to church this week!

In getting ready for our first Sunday service I started asking myself and our team a few questions:

“Why do we go to church? What benefit is there in attending church regularly… for me, for you, for others?”

So one thing lead to another and our team started giving reasons for why they come to church. Some of these are inspiring and then others are just funny. Hopefully all of them will make you want to come to church! We hope to see you this Sunday, at 11a.m.

1. Jesus went to church.
2. The Cowboy’s don’t come on till later in the day.
3. You might make new friends.
4. All the free donuts and coffee you can eat/drink!
5. Getting to be a part of something that is making a difference in the community/world.
6. We have been praying for you to come!
7. Your kids will love it.
8. Help you find your purpose in life.
9. Worship with other believers.
10. Deepen your relationship with God.
11. It is a great stress reliever.
12. God is honored when we go to church.
13. You belong HERE.
14. There is nothing else good on tv at 11am on Sunday.
15. You will find hope.
16. It is better than staying home and mowing the yard.
17. You will leave feeling inspired to make a difference.
18. Your kids will learn about Jesus.
19. It is fun!
20. When we take time for God it is amazing what begins to happen in our life!
21. Gives you a bigger vision for your life.
22. Helps give life meaning.
23. Jesus will be there.
24. If you are single you might find your future spouse ☺
25. It helps to know there are other people that have the same struggles as you.
26. Church is where you can learn that GOD is FOR YOU.
27. The music is AWESOME!
28. The church is a shelter for you when life is tough.
29. You’ll be loved.
30. You know you want to go!
31. God has a word for you.
32. We are better together.
33. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!
34. You will be accepted just as you are!
35. You could meet your new best friend.
36. You can receive Jesus as your Savior.
37. It will be your kids favorite day of the week!
38. The best people we have ever known, we have met at church.
39. The Bible tells us we should.
40. Life is more fun when you are a part of your local community.
41. You could lead others to the HOPE you have found!
42. You are always glad you went!
43. You can get prayed for
44. It helps you live life to it’s fullest potential.
45. It will help change your perspective of the world around you.
46. You will understand the Bible better.
47. It will help grow your walk with God.
48. Being there will set a good example for your kids.
49. We want to meet YOU!
50. It is a place you can come laughing or crying and find just what you need, safety.
51. Because life is not meant to be endured but LIVED to the fullest.
52 Those who are planted in the house of God will flourish in the courts of their GOD.
53. The people are genuine.
54. Church is the birthing place of dreams and development facility of your talents.
55. The people are genuine.
56. You will like it!
57. The messages are inspiring.
58. Church is a great place to find great people.
59. Because everyone wants to be a part of something that is making a difference!
60. It can change your life forever!



Closed for Maintenance

The other day, my wife and I took our children out for an excursion to a park in Dallas. This particular park was supposed to have a great play area, and our kids had been looking forward to playing there for some time. As we walked up to the entry, we noticed a sign on the gate that read, “Closed for routine maintenance.” That’s it! No lengthy explanation! No city official there explaining the situation. Just a simple sign: “Closed for routine maintenance.”

As I walked away, I began to think about the simplicity of that sign but also the importance of that sign. I, for one, am thankful they were willing to shut down the park to do routine maintenance. Even though routine maintenance can sometimes be annoying, it is also necessary for the safety of my children.

Often times, I feel that we refuse to do routine maintenance on our own lives. We get caught up in schedules, meetings, appointments, laundry, cleaning, soccer games, phone calls, … and the list goes on and on. The truth is, every now and then, we need to remember to unplug, to stop the chaos, and to schedule some “routine maintenance” for ourselves.

If you read the Bible you’ll see that Jesus did this often. Jesus would stop doing ministry; He would stop teaching; He would send the crowd away; and He would withdraw to a deserted place to pray, to recharge, to do some maintenance. 

So, maybe you think you’re too busy for some “me time.” Maybe you haven’t stopped to take a breath in months, or even years. Maybe you need to stop for some routine maintenance. Remember: The world will go on without you, but you can’t go on without some routine maintenance.  

Bryan Sparks