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Church Has Never Changed My Life

When thinking about writing a blog, that statement is not the first thing I thought to write. Believe me, I’ve typed this post about 3 dozen times and that line didn’t surface until around attempt number 15 or so. I’ve thought, meditated, written, rewritten, and prayed about what I should blog about – and after staring at a blank screen for 30 minutes, the one “theme” I kept coming back to was SERVING.
So there it is: Church never changed my life but serving it has. Serving hasn’t always been easy or fun, but it has ALWAYS been rewarding. I can remember several times throughout the years asking myself, “Why are you doing this? You have no idea what you’re doing!” only to look back later and marvel at the amazing things God did through the ministry that I was a part of. Thankfully, by sacrificing my comfort, taking risks, trusting God and simply saying yes to opportunities, I have found a purpose, and my calling.
Years ago, my life was changed by simply agreeing to “work the computer” one Sunday night when there was no one either willing or able to. I was in no way qualified to be in the sound booth, but no one seemed to care! I was a warm body that could click a mouse, and that seemed to be all the qualifications I needed for “the powers that be” to stick me back there. I prepared myself for a night of misery and torment, but it was anything but! That night, something changed! I was different when I stood up from that computer screen. I walked away excited and encouraged, ready to do anything (well almost anything) that was asked of me. That night was the beginning of a whirlwind of change that set me on a path to fulfillment and joy.
All joking aside, choosing to serve, even in the face of fear and discomfort, has changed my life. I’ve matured in my walk with God, become a great father and husband, and discovered a way to glorify the name of Christ by serving. I encourage – even challenge you:  Don’t look only for opportunities to serve, but when they come, “do it with all your might.” You – like me – will look back at that moment as the turning point in your life.
-Michael Martinez
Head of Production